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Microblading 101: Hair Stroke

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Learn how to do Microblading from the comfort of your own home!
Aspiring estheticians can spend a lot of time and money to learn from a licensed professional.

Now you can take this course online for less than the cost of a day at the salon. The Ombre Microshading & Microblading Online Course will teach you how to perform these services with the skills of a professional.

By the end of this course, you will...

  • You'll gain knowledge on cosmetic tattooing. You'll also learn how to identify eligible patients, and how to treat an oily/problematic skin types.
  • Gain confidence to perform the Microblading procedure.
  • Learn and master the proper techniques to accomplish natural hair-like strokes
  • Learn the basic rules in creating and perfecting strokes.
  • Learn to choose the right machine and tools for the job.
  • Receive Certificate of Completion
  • Be able to become your own Boss

Course Curriculum:

  • Welcome to Sx Figure Brows!
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Safety, Sanitation, & Sterilization
  • Chapter 2: Pre-Procedure Information
  • Chapter 3: Skin Theory
  • Chapter 4: Color Theory
  • Chapter 5: Brow Symmetry, Tools, & Eyebrows Mapping
  • Chapter 6: Techniques
  • Chapter 7: Microblading Procedure
  • Chapter 8: Post Procedure Information
  • Chapter 9: Setting up your Workstation
  • Chapter 10: Marketing Strategies
  • Chapter 11: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Chapter 12: Final Practice